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Gun Master's sauciest sauces!

Since 1959, Majithia Masalas have made people salivate, sniff and smile – all at the same time. Gun Master, which is an emerging innovation of the authentic spice king, brings you the heavenly flavours of Asia right in your palate! Smack it up and go insane with our fun range of spicy and creamy sauces.  

Since 2016, Gun Master has been serving happy customers who come back to us time and again to fulfill their love for food. With a consistent mission to give our customers a crazily flavourful culinary experience whenever they cap off a bottle of Gun Master, we constantly strive to maintain superior quality and unique taste for all our products.

Saucy. Hot. Spicy. Thick. Slurpy. Zesty. Sweet and sour or anything else… Whatever be the kind of food that your palate craves for, only Gun Master can hit the spot with a perfect zing.

With insane figures, we have actively set our footprint across 24 major states of this huge country within the HoReCa segment that involves top notch hotels, restaurants and cafes in a period of 4 years. We also aim to set our global presence very soon while looking forward to bringing our rich desi flavours home for people outside the country.

Not hungry yet? Explore our wide range of tangy sauces and dive into a flavourful journey of ABSOLUTE DESINESS!

Taste our fiery and zing-yyyy hot chilli sauce

Flaming hot red chillies mixed with heavenly spices

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